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Why Visit Levanto - the 6th Cinque Terre? ❤️

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

A tiny sleepy, slow coastal town on the Ligurian coastline is Levanto for you. If you want to truly taste an authentic Ligurian experience , head over to Levanto - the citta slow (slow city) and rightly so.

This breezy coastal town boasts of a long coastline and is considered by many as the perfect place to start a trip to Cinque Terre .

Here are our reasons why you should definitely visit Levanto:

1. Perfect base for a Trip to Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Portofino and Genova blessed with a long coastline ❤️

Well connected to all the 5T by trains , it forms a natural base for beginning your trip to Cinque Terre and is sometimes referred to as the 6 Cinque Terre.

2. Best pizza in Europe ❤️

At La Pecia, you can taste the Pizza that won the European Pizza Championship in 2016 called "Gola". A taste-bud tingling pizza which is a must have when in Levanto.

3. Experience CittaSlow ❤️

Cittaslow is part of a cultural trend known as the slow movement characterized by a slow way of living which advocates a cultural shift towards slowing down life's pace.Several towns are part of this movement and Levanto is one of them. You can also cycle your way around town to experience life as it should be, in a slow and meaningful manner. Our AirBnB host was gracious enough to provide us with two bicycles for our entire stay in Levanto.

4. Several great accomodation options ❤️

Several centuries old AirBnB where we stayed

Levanto has a hub of several 3 star , 4 star properties along with various Airbnbs where you can opt to stay during your visit.

4. Best sunset and beer/wine experience ❤️

The long sandy beach houses a variety of bars/cafes where you can enjoy the sun go down with a cold brew in your hand.

6. Cultural Spots of attraction ❤️

Levanto was a port town in the past and has several points of interests that you can visit:

I. Levanto sandy beach

II. Church of Sant Andrea

III. Castle and Clock Tower

How to travel to Cinque Terre from Levanto? ❤️

The trains are the best means of transport to travel to Cinque Terre as the frequencies are high and all villages of Cinque Terre are connected to Levanto via the La Spezia station.

For additional details about the Cinque Terre , click here and here.

❤️ We wish a Citta-Slow experience to you ❤️

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