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7 amazing reasons to visit SCHILTHORN and skip Jungfraujoch- Top of Europe 💖

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

While Jungfraujoch is widely regarded and publicised for being the Top of Europe, we found Schilthorn to be a cheaper and a better excursion in case you would like to soak in the stunning panoramic views of 200+ summits of the Jungfrau region.Here is why you should skip Junfraujoch and visit Schilthorn instead.


You can do the thrill walk at Birg which is a midway station until Schilthorn. The thrill walk runs along a 200m cliff path which goes right under the Birg Cable way station. The views from the Thrillwalk are unparalleled as all the alpine peaks are so up , close and personal to provide a stunning visual treat. With glass path, and stairways along with the path, you are guaranteed to get a spine tingling mountain experience. 2.CABLE CAR RIDES

In order to get from Interlaken to Schilthorn, visitors can opt for two ways-Option1- to go via Grutschalp or Option 2 - to go via Stechelberg. Via option 2, you get to experience the thrill of riding 4 different cable cars on your way to the top of Schilthorn.We prefer and recommend visitors to opt for the second option to enjoy the cable card rides as the visitors ooh and aah when the car changes its pace and shifts between two different carriers, and for the once in a lifetime views of Murren village from the top. However the most important reason being the the hidden alpine gem of Bernese Oberland region which is Gimmelwald. More on it below.


Perched high up in the Bernese Oberland region, a stunning little village accessed only via a cable car or via hiking trails is Gimmelwald. It is Rick Steve's favorite alpine village and now ours too! 😻 .We were greeted to this sheer gorgeous landscape on our way up to Schilthorn but not before we spent a couple of hrs just surrendering to these extraordinary sights ❤️ We are longing to return 😻(Read more about Gimmelwald here)


The Schilthorn summit was made famous by the 1968 Bond movie- On her Majesty's Secret Service. Atop the Schilthorn, you can live your dreams of being in a Bond movie as there is a Bond World, a Bond cinema showcasing clips from the same movie along with a 007 walk of fame,& coupled with Bond Girls on the Bathroom Doors, it makes for a completely mesmerizing Bond like experience for James Bond aficionados and alike.


At the very summit of the Schilthorn at 2970 metres, is Piz Gloria, a restaurant which rotates a complete 360 Degree in every 45 minutes, to provide you a panoramic experience while you enjoy lip-smacking delicacies right in the midst of the alps.


Visitors can enjoy the best 360 degree panoramic views of the Swiss Alps from atop the Skyline View Platform at Schilthorn. From this viewing station, visitors are blessed with the best views of Jungfrau, Eiger,Monch, Silberhorn, Rottalhorn and more than 200+ summits of Europe.


Wait, why did we keep this option at the last. Well, it's true. Visiting Schilthorn with the above entire experience sets you back by a smaller amount than visiting Jungfrau- top of Europe and with views like these, we are not complaining 😉

💖 So the choice is yours!! Keep travelling! 💖

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